Tips on How to Remain Sustainable While Traveling

If you’re traveling abroad, one of the most important tips for traveling is to follow how to remain sustainable while traveling. Traveling is an incredible adventure that allows you to experience cultures and travel in a way that’s environmentally responsible. Following these simple tips will help you minimize your environmental impact while experiencing the cultural experience.

The first tip is to limit your consumption of solid foods. If you eat out at restaurants or are visiting eateries that serve food that is prepared with plastic or foam containers, you are contributing to the trash and waste in the world. While it may be tempting to grab something that looks delicious, you should avoid eating solid food while traveling since eating solid foods adds to the trash that is already happening in landfills. In addition, eating solid foods increases your carbon footprint.

Another tip to keep in mind is to drink plenty of water. Water provides many different benefits while traveling. You can replenish yourself between meals and avoid the need to carry extra water. It can also reduce the risk of dehydration and the risk of acquiring skin diseases. While many people use a water bottle to take water, using water that comes from natural sources such as the ocean or mountain springs is much better. Bottled water is highly concentrated and only lasts as long as you intend to use it before it needs to be discarded or re-filled.

Try to drink as much water as you can and when you need to, use a portable water purification system. This will help you reduce the amount of garbage that you produce and will help the environment. A portable water purification system that is used while traveling can also be taken with you and will provide pure water throughout the trip. The portable units for water are very lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack.

When packing your carry-on items, place them in ziplock bags rather than throw them in your carry-on. Ziplock bags are not only more effective at containing the contents but they are better for the environment as well. They can be reused for various purposes, unlike plastic bags which will be trash material after they have been used once. Ziplock bags are also better at keeping your stuff from the various insects and rodents that will find their way into your bag.

If you are planning a long journey, be sure to take a lot of sunscreen so that you will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only will this help to keep you looking younger, it will also help you to stay healthy on your trip. Taking additional sunscreen while traveling can significantly decrease the impact that your trip has on the environment.

Another tip on how to remain sustainable while traveling is to use re-usable items whenever possible. This will help you to save money when purchasing new items as well as make it easier for you to recycle any materials that you may have purchased. If you do purchase items that you will need on your travel, carry-on your reusable products and put them in sealed containers that are suitable for travel. You can also pack your eco-friendly toiletries such as toothpaste, face wash, deodorant and shampoo in the same manner that you would a conventional set of products.

These tips on how to remain sustainable while traveling may seem like basic tips. However, when it comes to eco-friendly traveling, they are no less important. In fact, they may be even more important. Taking the time to plan ahead can mean the difference between going green or staying green. Not only will you save money by purchasing eco-friendly products on your trip, but you will also save the environment while you are doing it. After all, who wants to contribute to the growing pollution of the planet?

Donna Thompson