Reasons Why We Need to Stop Using Single-Use Plastics

There are many reasons why we need to stop using single-use plastics and instead start using reusable ones. In this article, I will list some of these reasons:

Single-use plastic bottles leach toxins into the ground water when they are not recycled properly. This happens most frequently when water bottles are left in landfills. In many parts of the world, including the US, landfills are being overfilled. This causes a shortage of safe drinking water as well as contamination of ground water. It also means more pollution due to the leaking bottles in our sewers.

Single-use plastics leach heavy metals into the water when they are melted and recycled. These metals can end up in local water supplies and eventually the oceans. They can be linked to the development of cancer and other health problems. The general population doesn’t know about this problem and it needs to be addressed by politicians and environmental agencies.

Single-use water bottles contain low quality materials that leach into the water. These include low density polyethylene, low density polystyrene and polycarbonate. These materials are not biodegradable and do not break down over time. Some even contain toxic metals such as lead. These metals can end up in drinking water supplies and poison wildlife.

A single-use plastic can be reprocessed in a factory and sold for another use. This goes on indefinitely until the materials are depleted. Many countries have laws requiring these companies to take a certain number of used bottles and rewrite them. When this happens millions of these bottles are recycled and reused. But some countries simply refuse to buy these plastics.

There is a lot of pollution caused by the manufacture of plastic. Ingesting it can cause digestive problems, skin rashes and many other ailments. It is no wonder that there are so many products that have to be made from such plastic. There are so many single-use plastic bottles in existence that contain hazardous chemicals that leach into the ground water. We cannot continue to use this type of plastic in our drinking water without consequences.

Most of us have become more aware of the dangers of drinking water bottles. While water bottles have helped to save money for some they have also hurt the environment. Water bottles are not biodegradable and will sit on the land filling up with toxic chemicals. Once this happens there will not be any way for this unwanted material to be removed from the earth.

This is the one and only reason that Single-Use Plastic containers are not produced. These type of containers are the best option. They are durable and convenient and make it easier for you to handle your own plastic. Plus when you want to reuse them they break down into smaller pieces allowing you to re-use them over again. You can also take them to the recycling center and have them recycled there as well.

It is important that you protect the environment when you choose to use one of these containers. You should make sure that it has a good quality label that can easily be read. The best ones have UV light inhibitors which prevent sunlight from reaching the inside of the plastic bottle. This way no chemicals or harmful sunlight will be able to get inside. When you are buying a new bottle be sure to check the label for this feature. It is also important that the bottle does not leak.

Another reason that Single-Use Plastic containers are better than the traditional ones is that they do not contain polyethylene. Polyethylene is a common chemical that is used in a lot of things such as Teflon tape. This is something that should be avoided when using single-use plastics. Another good reason is that they do not contain Bisphenol A, which is a known environmental toxin. If you want to stop using single-use plastics because of these reasons then all you have to do is switch to cloth containers. Just be sure to read the labels.

The last reason that you should stop using single-use plastics is because they are very easy to break. We all know that a broken plastic can cause quite a lot of problems, and they are particularly common on water bottles. Water bottles are great and they are environmentally friendly but plastic containers are not. So, instead of throwing the bottle away you should just throw it away. It will take just as long to break but it will not harm the environment in the least.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should stop using single-use plastics. We all know that plastic is a great material but it is also a convenient material to use. If you have a plastic container at home and all you do is drink out of it then you are only doing your self a great disservice. It is much better for you to reuse water bottles. In this way you will be helping out the environment and you will be providing for a longer life for your body.

Donna Thompson