It’s Great to be Green

Mother Nature is not in good shape as she used to be. She is abused by humanity. People do things that make the situation worse such as illegal logging, extreme mining and excessive fishing.  These acts contribute a lot in natural disasters like flooding. You can’t turn back time and undo all the things that you have done. You can now only reduce the amount of damage that you are implicating to the environment every day.

Many people have the capacity and resources to form movements that concern saving the environment. But the majority of the population can also contribute to decreasing the damage we are causing in many affordable ways.

Upcycling is a fast-growing trend to reduce plastic waste. It is a process of reusing plastic products such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic wrappers in a way that it turns them into an entirely new product. This process also encourages creativity and innovativeness in people. For example, turning plastic wrappers into a new trendy bag or a new pair of shoes. Not only that it is a way of reducing plastic waste, but it also gives way for people to earn money. Many small businesses are growing because they are making and selling upcycled products. It is also beneficial for consumers because these upcycled products are both affordable and useful. Paper is also upcycled. It is used in handicraft products like pencil holder and vases. Upcycling is an excellent way to treat plastic and paper waste instead of burning them that can add up to the greenhouse gases that are present in the atmosphere.

Repurposing is also an excellent way to reduce waste. It is a process of modifying used items to use it for a new purpose. For example, repurposing plastic spoons and bottles into a lamp. Another example is to repurpose pop tabs of soda cans or old denim jeans into bags.

Another initiative is to use recycled plastic as raw materials. Recycled plastic is used in construction materials like concrete and cinder blocks. Some people use it as synthetic wood and make furniture out of it such as benches, chairs, and table. Recently, recycled plastic is also processed, and used in making clothing like shirts and jackets.

Some supermarkets are now using biodegradable plastic bags that decompose much faster than regular plastic bags, while other supermarkets encourage consumers to use reusable bags instead of using plastic bags.

Solar panels are also one of these initiatives. These solar panels became popular recently because many companies are now distributing and selling these. According to, solar panels allow the photons that come from the sun’s rays, to knock electrons free from their tight orbits, which releases energy in their wake. Solar panels contain smaller units called Photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

Overall, there are many ways for you to contribute in saving the environment. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you have to be creative and think outside the box.

Donna Thompson