Green Environment

Ideally, a green environment denotes a living surrounding that is sustainable, naturally green and thriving, and full of species biodiversity. This is a kind of surrounding that has not been negatively impacted by the modern life and bad climate change. This is where anything done on the environment is viewed as green ranging from building design, economical activities, agricultural activities as well as social activities. Smart and environmentally sustainable structures constructed on the environment are examples of what makes a green environment.

Green environment is the result that brings into balance, the conservation and preservation of the earths’ natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity with human cultures and world communities. Indeed, in such communities, living creatures understand that a green environment is one that is continually conserved and preserved. A good example is where people do not interfere with wetlands and other ecosystems negatively by cutting trees and doing nothing to maintain a pleasing and sustainable ecosystem.

Proponents of a green environment have always agreed that a green environment is one that is characterized by green living. Green living is making sure that our lifestyles, agricultural and economical activities, create and maintain a naturally green and ideal ecosystem. For instance, a green environment can result from practicing recycling of waste materials such as plastics and riding to work to reduce environmental pollution.

Moreover, green buildings can be incorporated into the surrounding to nurture a green environment. These buildings are constructed to reduce the overall impact on biodiversity. This involves using safe energy, water, as well as reducing waste on the environment. Good land usage practices and controlled soil erosion will result to a green environment at the end of the day. Building green and managing such buildings well will create an ecosystem that is pleasing and green.

Many environmental experts have stated that a green environment will always demonstrate a landscape that is full of thriving flora and fauna. Their observation is that a green environment is one that is environmentally polluted, and such surrounding will support proper growth and development of many species. Well-managed natural resources are also said to be the backbone of a green environment. To create this kind of surrounding, every measure should be put in place to make sure that the environment is sustainable. Examples of such measures are controlling environmental pollution and planting more trees as well as practicing green agriculture.

Donna Thompson